"Get paid for surfing the web!"

This is a great new idea that has taken the Internet by storm. So many of us surf the Internet several hours a day, but wouldn't it be great if you could actually get paid for surfing? This is something that you normally do anyway, so why not get paid for it?

This is exactly what these companies allow you to do!

Make BIG money by referring your friends and associates to these programs

If you have alot of friends, a busy website, or if you just have some unique way to reach thousands of people, you should consider referring other people to these programs. The earning potential is REALLY GREAT!

Just to give you an idea, as of 1/16/2000, for the 6 programs below, I have referred over 3,000 members in total, with potential earnings of over $6,000/mo! The number is growing everyday. Some individuals have referred over 30,000 members in one program alone and have potential earnings over $50,000/mo!! Wouldn't it be great to earn that much money, just for surfing the web?

Make even BIGGER money when your friends refer THEIR friends!

* Hint * - Here are six of the best programs you can download the software and start making money immediately!

1. AllAdvantage

This company has been listed first for the following reasons:

  • The first company to pay members. AllAdvantage is the first company to send checks to their members.
  • The most popular program. AllAdvantage is the best and more popular among all similar programs. If you want to go with a company that you know will succeed, choose AllAdvantage.
  • This company is HUGE. AllAdvantage has grown to over 400 employees in 8 months, with 60 new job openings listed at their website.

Here is a copy of one of the first checks/letters sent out to members for their surfing in July. The average check paid for August is $47.77 US. The average check for this month will be much higher! Click Here to Join!

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2. Getpaid4.com

This program started in December 1999 and run by Teknosurf.com -- the famous Internet Marketing and Advertising company. Have huge potential. This brand new program is listed 2nd for the following reasons:

  • High Pay Rates and Attractive Payment Structure. This company pays $0.55/hr, the highest among GPTS companies, allow member to surf upto 75 hrs/m, which means more money for you!
  • Getpaid4 Bar is immediately for download.Unlike most other companies, this company allows you to download the ad bar immediately after you sign up. This is becaused the fact that Teknosurf is an established Internet Advertising company and has the best payment history, pays out millions of dollars every month.
  • Great Potential for Success This company is VERY new. The sooner you sign up, the more great referrals you can get! This company has released its viewbar to the first 50,000 members, still needs to prove itself, but it shows great potential.
  • The program is open to international members. It will send checks to members all over the world, so long you have an mailing address. This is a huge advantage for international members to participate this money-making opportunities. But you must hurry up. because the company reserve the right to put a limit to international members. You must act fast to sign up!!!

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3. Cashsurfers

This company is listed 3rd for the following reasons:

  • Brand New, just started in December 1999 It has only less than 80,000 members now, and it already starts to pay members. The sooner you sign up, the more great referrals you can get!
  • No Limit on Surfing time. There is no limit on surfing time. You can easily make over $50 on your own surfing. You can get 10% from each of your 4 levels of downlines. Unlimited surfing time is a great attraction in your recruiting.
  • Open to International Members. This company is open to international members, in fact members all over the world already receiving checks in their first month.

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4. Ignifuge

This company is listed 4th for the following reasons:

  • Easy and No Need to Surf the Web This company pays you when you start with their page. You can make $15 dollars for youself, and you can have 4 levles of downlines.
  • Eassy to Recruite people Everyone can join and no need to download anything. It can be used with any browers and platforms, PC or Mac. The sooner you sign up, the more great referrals you can get!
  • Open to International Members. This company is showing support for international members.

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5. mValue

This company is listed 5th for the following reasons:

  • Very Strong Financial Support This company Have very strong financial support. Now still in lunching stage, already alloted over a millions $$ to reward members. If you can referal 30+ members by 1/23/2000, you could win $1000.
  • Attractive Payment structures Similar to Alladvantage: 5 lervels of downlines. $0.5/hr for yourself, $0.1/hr for your direct referrals, and $0.05/hr for the next 4 levels of downlines. The sooner you sign up, the more great referrals you can get!
  • Open to International Members. This company is showing support for international members.

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6. Gotoworld

This company has been listed 6th for the following reasons:

  • Attractive Payment Structure. This company pays a percentage of their advertising revenue to their members, not a flat rate. In the past few months, the payout rate is low but they are making efforts to increase the rate and start some new programs, which will result in higher payouts for members.
  • Plenty of room for growth. There is still plenty of potential to earn some really great referrals with this program, the sooner you join the better.
  • Potential for International Growth. Gotoworld provides each member with a browser that supports translator plugins. This is a powerful tool that will allow Gotoworld to reach the global market.
  • The first payment start in September! The first payment checks sent by Gotoworld is not big. But they will increase very fast of their CPM rates. Gotoworld is the second "Get Paid to Surf" program to send checks to their members.

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