Get paid to surf the Web

A small ad bar can make all your time online profitable!!!

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Get paid to surf the Web!

How it works?

As a member, will pay you 50 cents an hour while you surf the Web for up to 40 hours per month.
That's up to $20 per month just for browsing the Internet the way you normally do.
After sign up, all members download the "Viewbar", a standard ad bar about one-half inch high.
The viewbar can be minimized with a single click to eliminate it from the screen at any time.
Whenever you are online and the bar is active, you will be earning money.
In addition, as a member you will enjoy:
Cash rewards for online shopping at leading Web retailers
Group discounts as an individual
Free Web-based email

Do you want proof?
Here is a CHECK and a LETTER from!!!

$20 per month only?

Do you want to earn more? No problem.
Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, pays members to spread the word.
Refer friends and receive 10 cents per hour while they surf the Web.
And receive an additional 5 cents per hour from the extended referrals that come in from
your referrals (for new members extended as far as four levels down from your original referrals!).

Example 1:
your direct referrals = 10,
average referrals from each of your referrals = 2,
average monthly hours online per member= 20,
You get $340 per month.

Example 2:
your direct referrals = 20,
average referrals from each of your referrals = 3,
average monthly hours online per member = 20,
You get $2,460 per month.

(Consider that refering this program is relatively easy, you do not have to sell nor to persuade,
simply tell your best friends how to get paid to surf the Web, they will thank you for it.)

Get paid to surf the Web!

Who pay?

As you know, advertisers pay millions to get you to look at ads.
Wouldn't it be great and easier if the advertisers simply paid YOU to look at their ads?
That's the simple idea behind
Advertisers PAY YOU to look at their ads while you are online.

What's the Catch?

There is none, really. AllAdvantage.comguarantees you:
They will never sell any of your identifying personal information to anybody
They will never charge any fees for sign up, use or cancel the service
They will never send you spam ads (email or anything else)
You have to buy NOTHING
You have to sell NOTHING

You've been and you are looking at ads for free,
Why not let pay you for it!

Sign up and Start Making Money Now!

More than 3,000,000 members signed up in 7 months and 20,000 new members are signing up daily!
!!Other People are getting money to surf the Web!!

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